Just a useful service for those involved in the optimization. Plus that does not need to put any SEO program. All information can be found in the ICQ. Simply add to your ICQ contact number 1033535.

"All the data come to you in icq, need only send a message to the number of 103-35-35 with the phrase«! Help »(without kovychek, gaps), and you'll immediately receive a list of commands and functions available to you. This technology is very convenient and allows you to times to save you time, which, as we know, costs money. "

Allows you to check the following sites

! seo www.prokoshkin.ru - a full analysis of the site
! sgo www.prokoshkin.ru - тИЦ, PR, Becky, Yak, Dmoz, Pp.
! links www.prokoshkin.ru - Provides a list of outbound links
! sap www.prokoshkin.ru - Provides a list of automatic links
! pa ya.ru rambler.ru yandex.ru - mass verification page to 10 sites
! cy rambler.ru ya.ru yandex.ru - massive checks TIC, up to 10 sites
! pr yandex.ru rambler.ru ya.ru - massive check pr, up to 10 sites
! whois www.prokoshkin.ru - WHOIS, beta version
! domen www.prokoshkin.ru - checks domain to employment
! up - The probability of APA and the issuance of TIC.
! ip2host aypi - find a host for the ip
! host2ip host - see ip of host
! ms message - send a message to the author
! help - display help
http://forum.seobot.info/ - forum bot with different seo-utility.
* Instead www.prokoshkin.ru turn your site

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